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The Organist’s Companion™ is now available

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Foreign $82.95 $148.95

Digital-Only Copy Each Digital-Only Copy will be available one month prior to each bi-monthly issue (e.g., the November issue will be available for $31.95 (worldwide) $59.95 (worldwide) To access your Digital-Only Copy of a Digital-Only Subscription, go to and follow the instructions. The password for this issue is LE620090YA. Standard Printed Issue The standard Printed Issue now has a complimentary digital copy! Canada $62.95 $112.95 To access the digital copy of your Printed Issue Subscription, go to and follow the

NEW downloading on or before October 1st). Single, digital-only copy price is $7.95 US $44.95 $81.95 instructions. Single, printed issue price is $9.95.
One Year (6 issues) Two Years (12 issues) One Year (6 issues) Two Years (12 issues) LE620090

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